2018 /2019 Exhibition Schedule

  • Christmas Show – FRIENDS of the Gallery  SHOW
  • Prospects Fearful: Caroline McQuarrie and Shaun Matthews
  • Mark Haldane – Solo Exhibition
  • Rembrandt Remastered  Exhibition  : showcases 57 stunning life-size reproductions of Rembrandt’s paintings that have each been digitally remastered to their original condition.  The exhibition, which is the first of its kind in Greymouth, will be held across multiple venues in Greymouth.  Using the latest techniques and art expert Professor Ernst van de Wetering’s extensive knowledge of the Dutch master, the exhibition works have been digitally restored to look exactly as they did when left Rembrandt’s studio nearly 400 years ago.The images – which include The Nightwatch, The Anatomy Lesson and The Jewish Bride – are presented in their original size and displayed in chronological order with accompanying text telling the story of the works, as well as stories from the painter’s life.  Rembrandt’s original paintings are now spread over the world in art galleries and private collections. Some paintings have been damaged or stolen, and so the original mastery is no longer fully accessible to viewers today.

    This exhibition gives New Zealanders a remarkable opportunity to experience the world of Rembrandt brought to their doorstep.

    Some of the works included in the exhibition include:
    – The Nightwatch
    – Danae
    – The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp
    – Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galilee
    – The Polish Rider
    – The Jewish Bride
    – The Syndics of the Amsterdam Clothmaker’s Guild
    – Some of his best self portraits.

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